Tema de la semana: Presencia d…

Tema de la semana: Presencia de marca, reflexión y cierre de…

EthicalBrands.com cierra el ciclo y reflexiona sobre la presencia de marca durante navidad y el 2015,… Read More
lucysolorzano 5 años ago
2015: Año gris para las marcas…

2015: Año gris para las marcas guatemaltecas

Elizabeth Rojas critica las estrategias conservadoras de muchas marcas e incita a la interacción con el con… Read More
lucysolorzano 5 años ago
Cara a Cara: Presencia de marc…

Cara a Cara: Presencia de marca, reflexión y cierre de ciclo

Zully de la Roca y Luis Fernando Alejos reflexionan sobre la presencia de las marcas y la relación que tenem… Read More
lucysolorzano 5 años ago
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Más allá de las lovemarks

See article Do Hello Kitty and SpongeBob create instant Lovemarks for Heinz?

Hoy día, la simple transacción entre dinero y un servicio o bien no es tan simple como parece. ¿Alguna vez lo ha sido? Maurice Echeverría ahonda al respecto: “John Mackey nos explica que el capitalismo consciente no es otra cosa que un ecosistema interdependiente de empresas conscientes interactuando entre ellas. Añade que cuando hayamos creado suficientes empresas conscientes veremos cómo el …

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A Coke is a Pepsi is an RC Cola

Coke can detail macrophotograph

Via JSTOR Daily: It was reported this week that Coca-Cola is rolling out a new unified design across its different brands (Classic, Diet, Zero and Life). The idea is to have essentially the same design across the entire range, with the different cans varying only in colour. Spain is going a step further: all four varieties will use the classic …

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What if the ’80s never stopped? A brand experiment

#IfThe80sNeverStopped hashtag Motorola engagement

#IfThe80sNeverStopped, we’d all have huge phone-answering biceps. #MotorolaDynaTAC #TBT #Motorola pic.twitter.com/56XFGzGJG2 — Motorola Mobility (@Motorola) February 19, 2015 Via AdWeek (04/20/2015): The 1980s were a special decade. Disco was experiencing its death rattle; Ronald Reagan was the president for almost the entire span; cellphones were as big as bricks; and fashion, oh the fashion was just—tubular. Earlier this week, in …

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Giving Fairtrade a makeover


Via Medium.com Do you have a flattering angle that you prefer for photos? Do you turn your head slightly toward the camera, nose down? Do you like looking wistfully off to the right? Among Fairtrade campaigners, a worryingly large number of people seem to think their best angle is in a banana suit. But at Fairtrade, we definitely have an …

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5 Hacks For Brand Strategy Success In The Digital Age


  Photo comment:  customer delight is not reflected on this young passenger’s face Source: SAP Business Innovation A brand is a hologram containing all the attitudes, perceptions, emotions, and associations consumers have about a product. So, while the brand name (the spoken part of a brand) and brand logo or trademark (the symbol for a brand) are important, it’s really …

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