Weekly topic: Brand Presence a…

Weekly topic: Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

EthicalBrands.com concludes the series on brands at Christmas by discussing the presence of brands in 2… Read More
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2015: A Grey Year for Guatemal…

2015: A Grey Year for Guatemalan Brands

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Face to Face:Brand Presence an…

Face to Face:Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

Luis Fernando Alejos and Zully de la Roca conclude the series on brands by discussing brand presence an… Read More
lucysolorzano 5 years ago
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Face to Face:Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

Face to face

Luis Fernando Alejos and Zully de la Roca conclude the series on brands by discussing brand presence and emotional branding, and how brands continue to resonate even after the christmas season.

Zully de la Roca - Copy Editor and Language and Literature professor

Zully de la Roca - Copy Editor and Language and Literature professor

Zully de la Roca studied piano at the National Music Conservatory. She has worked as a lecturer in Spanish language and Spanish Literature, and as a proofreader for the magazine Café Cultura, Siglo 21 and El Periodico in Guatemala. She is currently a freelance proofreader and editor for Santillana Editorial.

Buying a brand people trust in blindly

By Zully de la Roca

Last year was a decisive year for replacing my Rosenkranz piano, a true antique beauty. Achieving such a successful purchase after months of planning meant finally coming to the end of a cycle of saving and researching.

 On the internet, you can see how urban legends even apply to musical instruments. In online forums for vendors, maestros and pianists, you can find abundant anecdotes of pianos that fell apart within a few months of having been bought, and others that after being tuned only four times had become inoperable. These horrific stories helped me to act with much caution before deciding which piano to buy and more importantly, how to avoid having an investment of thousands of quetzales result in a total loss.

 The dream brands like Steinway & Sons are impossible to acquire if you have a limited budget. It’s necessary to have your feet on the ground, stick to your plan, and begin the search for a piano of a different category, with patience. It’s also useful to visit forums and read the opinions about the famous and the not so popular brands.

 Most of the participants in these forums know the history of the brand, and all the details of their desired piano: series, year of production, country of origin, the type of wood it was made with and its pin block, the origin of the keys, the cords … Some evaluate and compare the brands; and many are mentioned: Baldwin, Yamaha, Boston, Pearl River, Steinway, Bosendorfer, Wurlitzer, Kawai. One special recommendation caught my eye: you must ask the salesperson at the music store for the factory specifications of each instrument.

 With this information in mind, I visited several store locations; however, when I asked for the factory specifications, either the salesperson didn’t know where it was, or the catalogs showed several models, except the one I was looking for. In some stores you can play and try out the instruments; while in others you just can’t. You simply buy the products because you are expected to trust the brand, if it is a known one, or to have blind faith in the description that the salesperson gives.

 With only one visit to the official site of the brands, you can access data, promotional videos, prices… and every item seems like a wonderful choice. In the forums, however, there are opposing views which cannot be ignored as they are representing the voice of the client. One opinion stood out among many: it’s much better to get a second-hand piano of a prestigious brand, than a new one of an unfamiliar name.

 The brand that is mentioned the most in the forums is Yamaha. A new piano has a very high price and the quality is guaranteed. For a huge number of pianists in the forums “if it’s in good condition, a Yamaha is a Yamaha, no matter where it has been manufactured, whether it’s new or second hand”.

 Finally, an opportunity showed up; three used pianos in very good condition: Currier, Wurlitzer and Yamaha. I made an appointment with an expert evaluator and tuner. I now have the Yamaha at home. The research helped me a lot, but for the most part, I bought the piano because I trusted the brand.

Luis Fernando Alejos - Web Presence Manager at The Purpose

Luis Fernando Alejos - Web Presence Manager at The Purpose

Guatemalan writer, artist, and communicator with a diverse professional trajectory that includes journalism, interactive marketing, editing, and editorial production. Responsible for more than 700 articles on entertainment, health, technology, culture, social commentary, and corporate events in print and digital publications.

Brand Presence and the Man on the Moon

By Luis Fernando Alejos

I had never heard of the British brand John Lewis. I don’t see myself becoming their customer one day either. What I can say is that its commercial on YouTube for The Man on the Moon campaign will make me remember it for quite a while. And isn’t that what all advertisers truly want for the Christmas season?

The John Lewis shop online elaborated an emotional story strategy for its commercial and accompanied it with a telescope for kids. Despite their attempt at building an emotional connection with their customers, the response to the ad in England wasn’t a spectacular one according to this source. Even so, publicity campaigns can use a branding exercise that goes beyond specific strategies in order to increase sales.

The Meteor Boy writes in Roastbrief: “Personally, I don’t hate Christmas, but I don’t love it either; and more specifically, this year I didn’t feel the least bit of the Christmas spirit. But in our line of work, even for grinches like me, there are characters and positions.” In my case, I must also recognize that for the end of 2015, my fiscal commitments took up most of my budget for end of the year and start of the new year, and for this reason, I allowed myself to buy two, and only two Christmas presents. Nonetheless, I will hopefully be acquiring at least half a dozen more gifts soon, but without the added pressure … after all, buying sweaters isn’t everything in life.

This has been the season of Cinépolis, AMC, Fox Life, FX, TBS, Spotify, San Martín: Brand presence during happy holiday moments. Any resemblance with real people is purely coincidental.

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