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Weekly topic: Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

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Face to Face:Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

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Brands at Christmas: Sales or bond?

Face to face

Luis Mariano Hernández and Issa Pérez Padilla talk about brands at Christmas and whether they can be good for sales or to create a bond with the consumer.


Luis Mariano Hernández - Consultant

Luis Mariano Hernández - Consultant

Degree in Marketing, Universidad Rafael Landívar; Masters in Quality Management, Universidad de Valencia/Universidad Jaume I; Masters in Finance Administration, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.

Marketing and Quality Consultant at Work & Feeling, S.A.

Top brands: sales or bonds 

By Luis Mariano Hernández

It’s been a long time since I’ve established a bond strong enough with any given brand for me to become loyal to it. I can mention a couple of them: Coca-Cola and Foremost Egg Nog, brands that during my childhood had a large enough impact so that loyalty was born, which even makes me choose them over similar products from different brands.

So the question arises: what have the aforementioned brands have done different? Are those products so superior to the rest? Are their flavors unparalleled? Or is it just childhood nostalgia which moves me to choose them among the others?

These 2 cases are interesting because they have different perspectives: Coca-Cola has an impressive display of marketing and advertising throughout the year, and during the holiday season broadcasts advertising that promotes spending time with friends and family, rather than increasing its sales. On the other hand, Foremost Egg Nog is marketed exclusively in November and December, and has practically zero advertising.

Coca-Cola pursues to strengthen that everlasting special bond with the public, while the Foremost dairy company is only interested in increasing its end of year sales; despite individuals like me that keep drinking their product, due to a long held relationship.

I believe that the most important thing in both instances is to deliver total customer satisfaction, by always guaranteeing products with a consistent quality, supported by adequate distribution logistics, reasonable pricing and a marketing strategy that highlights the products’ benefits and qualities. This will generate sales and, at the same time, deliver a distinguishing focus so that they will gradually position themselves in the consumers’ top of mind.


Issa Pérez Padilla

Issa Pérez Padilla

Degree in publicity, Masters in International Commerce. Partner-Director of marketing at Work and Feeling, S.A. Commercial Guide Director (Guatemaltecos Impulsores del Aprendizaje).

Brands at Christmas: sales or bond? 

By Issa Pérez Padilla 

Is it possible that after we buy gifts for all our family, friends, and people we want to please during this time of year, we think about the which brand is best or which we like more? Is it possible that we become convinced by the ads on billboards, newspapers, and other media?

I think a very low percentage of consumers still want to stay loyal to a brand and more so are looking for an additional perk. An example of this is Fetiche, that with the objective of increasing sales, perfect their image and advertising every year to create brand loyalty with the customers that like to invest in different perfume brands.

Another high percentage instead look for sales and discounts, regardless of brands, focusing on low prices in order to get their purchases done. Several medium and small companies focus their sales for months ahead of time so that they are reaching their equilibrium during the months of November and December, trying to rid themselves of their accumulated stock in order to pay for rent and salaries, like the fireworks brand SkyFire.

There are also brands or companies that do create a cohesive blend for their sales strategies and branding, like Cemaco, La Torre, Saúl, among others, that generate loyalty for the brand and at the same time look to increase their sales.

Banco Industrial and Pollo Campero are good examples of companies that take advantage of these dates to keep creating a bond between the brand and the consumer, giving them space for entertainment and decorations in several locations in the country.

In conclusion, there are many brands that are interested in generating profit in order to stay afloat for the rest of the year, and on the other hand, very few brands are using branding during this time of year to create that positive bond and be at the “top of mind” like Coca-Cola, Cerveza Gallo, or Pepsi, whose advertising does not say “come buy me” but instead sends positive messages to share amongst family.

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