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Careful with Christmas fantasies


Lesly Véliz talks about brands at year-end and large purchases.


Lesly VélizConsultant

Lesly VélizConsultant

CACIF’s communications director and Public Relations and Corporate Identity consultant. She worked in journalism for 15 years, was Siglo.21’s Editor in Chief and also led the newspaper’s investigative unit. She studied a Masters in Strategic Communication at Universidad Rafael Landívar and a certification course from the Técnológico de Monterrey. College professor and voracious reader.


Careful with Christmas fantasies

I remember a scene from the Pink Panther cartoon where it was walking along a city street during Christmas Eve. Shiny signs are reflected on its face, which looked even more psychedelic thanks to the colorful animated dance. As it walked ahead, it frantically searched for coins inside its pockets, but came up empty: he had nothing.

That animated short film is as traditional, at this time of year, is as traditional as the Panther’s disappointed expression. As a little girl I enjoyed the cartoon, only lamenting that the unfortunate character had such a bad time until a miracle happens in the end. Today, when I have to pay bills, I see it under a different lens.

The aforementioned cartoon character reflects what the final trimester in the year represents for many people: excessive and out of control spending as a result of caving into a blizzard of sales. The most worrying aspect of this is waking up from the Christmas fantasy when it ends; we are hit with the Pink Panther’s sad expression and empty pockets.

Moderation is a top priority these days. We should set up a budget that fits our needs and not abuse our credit cards –which themselves are already challenging–.

Companies also hold a big responsibility. Consumption can trigger businessmen’s temptation to oversell expectations or practice false advertising. It’s important to balance the importance of companies to behave honestly and considerate (through their offers), with asking consumers to be careful with their spending.

Brands and clients win when there is an ethical and honest relationship between them. The former, being considerate, and the latter, while being careful. It’s not a waste of time to set up a budget and be grounded. Unlike the cartoon, Santa Claus will not arrive with dinner or a money-filled bag. What a reality!


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