Weekly topic: Brand Presence a…

Weekly topic: Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

EthicalBrands.com concludes the series on brands at Christmas by discussing the presence of brands in 2… Read More
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2015: A Grey Year for Guatemal…

2015: A Grey Year for Guatemalan Brands

Elizabeth Rojas critizises the conservative strategies of many brands and exhorts them to build a more emot… Read More
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Face to Face:Brand Presence an…

Face to Face:Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

Luis Fernando Alejos and Zully de la Roca conclude the series on brands by discussing brand presence an… Read More
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The Daily News Just Made One Helluva Statement About “New York Values”

Ted Cruz republican

15/01/2015 By Ben Dreyfuss published on Mother Jones Last night, Sen. Ted Cruz said some stupid things about “New York values” being a synonym for like money-grubbing, fame-hungry monsters. Donald Trump used the moment to go full “9/11” on Cruz and, at least to my aged eyes, the Princeton educated, Goldman Sachs spouse left the exchange the worse for it. …

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The Top 5 Reasons MoveOn Members Voted to Endorse Bernie

Bernie Sanders Capitol Hill

12/01/2016 By Ilya Sheyman, Executive Director, MoveOn.org Political Action With a record-setting 78.6 percent of 340,665 votes cast by the MoveOn membership, Senator Bernie Sanders has won MoveOn.org Political Action’s endorsement for president with the largest total and widest margin in MoveOn history. MoveOn.org only endorses candidates based on votes by our members. Our only previous presidential endorsement during a …

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It’s Time to Say it: Creationists Aren’t Christians – They’re a Cult

creation museum stegosaurus silouette

By Allen Clifton, published on Forward Progressives I think by now most who follow my writing know that I am not a fan of creationists.  In fact, the more I speak with several of them, the more I think these people are suffering from severe mental illness.  They’ll literally say that all scientific data is “just a theory” and that …

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Michael Moore we are all muslim sign

16/12/2015 By Michael Moore Today I went & stood in front of Trump Tower & held a sign until the police came. Then I went home & wrote Donald a letter. Here it is: Dear Donald Trump: You may remember (you do, after all, have a “perfect memory!”), that we met back in November of 1998 in the green room …

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Yahoo spends like a tech company, but struggles like a media company


14/12/2015 Via Mashable: “Know thyself.” It is one of the Delphic maxims of ancient Greece, carved into the Temple of Apollo. It is sage advice but also a warning — one that Yahoo and its CEO Marissa Mayer still have not heeded. Is Yahoo a media company or a tech company? That’s the central question that has dogged the once-dominant …

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Why Camille Paglia’s ‘Nazi Barbie’ Takedown of Taylor Swift Is Spot-On

Taylor Swift #girlsquad 2015

12/12/2015 By Lizzie Crocker published on The Daily Beast The cultural critic Camille Paglia rightly skewered the clownish #girlsquad antics of Taylor Swift. There’s very little feminism in it. Taylor Swift, progenitor of the celebrity #girlsquad movement, officially initiatedBlake Lively into her benevolent blonde power circle this week. Swift announced their friendship in an Instagram post of the two jumping …

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Bret Easton Ellis on Living in the Cult of Likability

Photo credit: planetc1 via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

08/12/2015 By Bret Easton Ellis for Turning Points (a NY Times  magazine that explores what critical moments from this year might mean for the year ahead) Turning Point: Uber becomes one of the world’s most valuable start-ups. On a recent episode of the television series “South Park,” the character Cartman and other townspeople who are enthralled with Yelp, the app that …

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Thom Yorke thinks Google and YouTube are engaging in Nazi-like art theft

The (Portrait) Eraser by Thom Yorke on Vimeo Jeremy Cowart

1/12/2015 Via The Verge: Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke fired his latest broadside at one of the biggest digital media titans in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, saying that YouTube and Google have “seized control” of art in a maneuver right out of the WWII playbook. Yorke pontificated about his personal use of an ad blocker, YouTube’s profit margins, and …

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Black Friday Now Just Another Opportunity to Mock the Poor

buy more stuff black friday

By Kevin Drum, published on Mother Jones (01/12/2014) Luke O’Neil regales us this weekend with a roundup of media coverage of Black Friday: Consider the jocular hosts’ grinning affect as they relate news of brawls throughout the country in this clip from Fox & Friends First today, for example, or how numerous Web sites will round up the best brawl …

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What It’s Like to Celebrate Thanksgiving in a High-Security Prison

inside a jail cell by Tim Pearce Los Gatos CC BY

25/11/2015 by John Broman published on Vice I live behind a series of walls, gun towers, and electric fences deep in the mountains of West Virginia at the United States Penitentiary, Hazelton, a.k.a. “Misery Mountain”. My conviction for armed bank robbery in 2002 has sent me through some of the most violent pens in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In …

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