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Creating a strong business and building a better world


Patricia Letona talks about brands for the good of the brand or for the common good.


Patricia LetonaCommunication initiatives advisor

Patricia LetonaCommunication initiatives advisor

Social communicator with more than 15 years of experience. She has worked in many fields related to social communication, politics, public relations, content generation, public administration and electronic government.

She had been invited to participate in many events and international organizations, especially in North America and Europe, in topics about women capacities strengthening, political participation and communication and information technology, trying to make more efficient the administrations and the quality of people and community life.

Actually she is an independent advisor and lead from Futura Consult RRPP, communication efforts for community development and city brand.


Creating a strong business and building a better world

Businesses are built with the end goal being generating profit and yield for their investors. However, their success will not be complete if they lose sight of the importance of the common good.

William Clay Ford Jr. from Ford Motor Company said: "Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success." I share this vision with Ford Jr. about a brand that transcends simply making profit for itself and its investors and instead becomes something its community and employees can count on and share success with.

The road is not easy, especially in the case of entrepreneurship and brands that are trying to make a name for themselves in society and the hearts of their clients, who in the end will be their strength.

When businesses start, they fight great challenges to build and protect their reputation, to achieve profitability, and be sustainable. Even after various years of work and with a strong brand, the threat of competition, the race towards innovation, and new demands from the public, all add extra pressure.

During moments of struggle, the risk to put the interest of the brand over the common good becomes a real temptation. This is where the a clear long term vision and personal and corporate values will be the pillars of a brand and its reputation, avoiding falling into that temptation.

Jeroen van del Veer of Shell said: “In my view the successful companies of the future will be those that integrate business and personal values.”

The greatest talent “want[s] to do worthwhile work —contributing to society — for a company whose values they share…where their ac­tions count…and their views matter.”

Every day more companies are realizing the importance of working towards the common good and know that in the long run it will be highly profitable for their brand. Companies like McDonald’s and Google on an international level and Panifresh and Kaeser Compresores in Guatemala are companies that invest in their employees and constantly seek to generate better labor conditions that favor brand loyalty, collective creativity, higher productivity, and better service towards their clients.

And it’s not just about Corporate Social Responsibility practices. It’s about an organizational culture that penetrates all levels, where bosses and employees share the same vision for the company and how their work contributes to building a better world.

To accomplish this it’s necessary to look beyond the present and the day to day. It’s not easy to balance the short and long term but it is possible and necessary for sustainable success.

It is possible to be a successful company, generate profit, and at the same time contribute to the greater good.

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