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It’s Time to Say it: Creationists Aren’t Christians – They’re a Cult

By Allen Clifton, published on Forward Progressives

I think by now most who follow my writing know that I am not a fan of creationists.  In fact, the more I speak with several of them, the more I think these people are suffering from severe mental illness.  They’ll literally say that all scientific data is “just a theory” and that none of it is provable, yet they’ll cling to the “truths” inside of the Bible because they view the Bible as some kind of factual history book.

Except none of them were there to see any of it.  You know, the same argument they use against a lot of proven scientific facts. Heck, I’ve had several of them tell me that science is some giant, corporate sponsored conspiracy to keep scientists employed.  Seriously, that’s what many of them believe. The biggest problem I’ve seen with these people is that they simply don’t understand what science is.  When evolution is mentioned, they don’t understand the complicated scientific research that’s gone into the study of evolution to call it a “scientific fact.”  When the age of the universe or Earth is talked about, they don’t understand the science behind what brought scientists to these findings. When I attack creationists, they think I’m attacking Christianity – which isn’t true at all.  As most people who follow me know, I’m a Christian.  I’ve probably written nearly 100 articles defending my faith. Because I believe Christianity goes far beyond the Bible.  In fact, while I won’t deny that I do believe the Bible does have some basis for facts hidden within its text, I see it more as a guide book for those who might need direction.  I don’t see the Bible as a word for word factual depiction of history.  That’s ludicrous. To me creationists aren’t Christian (though they might believe in God and Jesus), they’re something entirely different.  I see them more like a cult than a religion.  A brainwashed grouping of people who reject all proven science for the sake of unrealistic beliefs.

creationists dinosaurs and man

See, as a Christian, I believe God and science can co-exist.  Why isn’t it feasible to believe God created everything to evolve into what it is today?  Perhaps God knew the best way to make life was to create something, and then let it shape itself over billions of years. But the fact is, Christianity is a faith – not science.  That’s something creationists fail to understand.  That’s why creationism doesn’t belong in a science class, because it’s not science.

While these people might call themselves Christians (and they’re more than free to do just that), I can’t view these people as Christians.  I see them as people suffering from some form of mental condition.  And while that might sound harsh, it’s just the way that I feel. To really believe that dinosaurs and man walked the Earth together; that a man named Noah built an ark that housed every animal on Earth and lived to be 900 years old; that the science behind the speed of light isn’t valid; that the Earth is only 6,000 years old; and the Earth was made in 6, 24 hour days is insane. But there’s a drastic difference between Christians and creationists.  Sure, they might use the same book and even have similar beliefs, but Muslims and Christians also have similar beliefs – and most wouldn’t say they’re the same thing. It’s the same way I feel about creationists.  To believe what they believe doesn’t require faith, it requires some kind of mental delusion.  To deny almost all proven science for the sake of a book that’s been translated over centuries is absurd. And that’s the mindset of most who join cults.  They ignore all the reality outside of their system of beliefs and convince themselves (despite all facts to the contrary) that they’re right and everyone else is a part of some massive conspiracy to cover up the truth.  Just like creationists believe that science is some conspiracy to “get rid of God.”

Because these people, like most who follow the Bible, pick and choose what they want to believe.  Because the Bible allows for incest, the stoning of women and all sorts of other horrific acts.  But I don’t see any creationists condoning those practices.  In fact, to believe that we should stone women who have affairs would seem barbaric and insane. You know, just like believing that the Earth is 6,000 years old and dinosaurs roamed the planet alongside humans.

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  1. A cult? That’s a pretty arrogant viewpoint, considering most Christianst are creationists. If anything, you are a member of the heretical minority, which makes you the cultist.

    The Bible does have a lot of figurative imagery, but it’s actually not that difficult to determine which is figurative and which is literal. If the Bible said, “A happened, and then B happened”, that is what happened. When someone has a vision, then the imagery is not literally something that is happening, but rather God putting the vision into a framework that we as humans can interpret and understand.

    The Bible says that God created the earth and universe in six days. It doesn’t not preface Genesis with, “God showed Moses a vision, and in that vision…”. It states quite clearly that God constructed the universe in six literal days, and then rested on the seventh. There is no figurative imagery here. It is written as a statement of fact, as are all the other historical events of the Bible.

    There is no compromise on this point. There is no meeting evolution half-way. Creationism and evolution are not compatible views. They are diametrically opposed because of one simple thing. One seeks to show that God’s power is limitless and that he can do anything he chooses to, and the other seeks to limit God’s power and lessen his control over the universe, and make him share it with a natural force.

    Genesis is the foundation of the Bible, and evolution is an attack on Genesis. If atheists can get people to doubt the veracity of the foundational chapter of the Bible, then they can get them to doubt other parts of it.

    Choose to believe what you want, but if you think Genesis isn’t literal truth, then you don’t fully trust the word of God. That puts your soul in jeopardy.

  2. As for excommunicating people you deem Creationists, I think there’s a passage about logs and splinters that comes to mind.

  3. If the Bible says “The sun rose.” We – and even the creationists can apply the appropriate nuance to interpret that the statement refers to the passage of time or the begging of activity or light from darkness but not the physical movement of the sun and a fixed earth. The Bible is not an astrophysics text.
    I see the creation narrative as a statement of God’s sovereignty and involvement in the earth since ever and I don’t sweat the peripheral details.
    I believe God is big enough to inspire the scriptures to be authoritative without needing little me to expend all my attention to bend the rest of knowledge to make the sun rise (because “the Bible says it and I believe it and that’s that!”). I would have no energy left to hear and repeat THE MESSAGE (bold and annoying and amazing) that God loved, loves and will love us as witnessed by sending and giving His Son.

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