Weekly topic: Brand Presence a…

Weekly topic: Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

EthicalBrands.com concludes the series on brands at Christmas by discussing the presence of brands in 2… Read More
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2015: A Grey Year for Guatemal…

2015: A Grey Year for Guatemalan Brands

Elizabeth Rojas critizises the conservative strategies of many brands and exhorts them to build a more emot… Read More
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Face to Face:Brand Presence an…

Face to Face:Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

Luis Fernando Alejos and Zully de la Roca conclude the series on brands by discussing brand presence an… Read More
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Lisbon’s Junk Gets a Second Life as Gorgeous 3D Animal Street Art

colorful mural raccoon Lisbon Bordalo

Via Good: Lisbon, one of Europe’s most underrated cities, has in recent years been the recipient of an influx of artists, many fleeing Berlin and Paris for cheaper rents. While the expat scene thrives, the global community seems to have overlooked the local talent, which also exists in spades. One of these homegrown creatives is artist Arturo “Bordalo II,” who uses …

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Civic engagement in social movements and campaigns


Patricia Letona and Lucrecia de Arredondo discuss civic engagement in social movements and campaigns. Patricia Letona - Advisor of communication initiativesPatricia Letona - Advisor of communication initiatives Social communicator with more than 15 years of experience. She has worked in many fields related to social communication, politics, public relations, content creation, public administration and electronic government. She has been invited to …

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Selfie Campaign Promotes Interfaith Tolerance and Ethnic Diversity in Myanmar

Myanmar promotes tolerance and friendship amid rising cases of hate speech

08/06/2015 Via Oximity: A selfie campaign in Myanmar promotes tolerance and friendship amid rising cases of hate speech, discrimination, and communal violence accross the country. The Facebook campaign is led by young people from Yangon, the country’s biggest city, and it launched last April by asking the public to pose for selfies with their friends who belong to a different …

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Civic engagement and its culture


Jorge Luis García y Javier Payeras discuss civic engagement and how it affects the associations (and their brands) it is a part of. Javier Payeras - Narrator, poet, and writerJavier Payeras - Narrator, poet, and writer Has published Slogan para una bala expansiva (Poemas, 2015), Fondo para Disco de John Zorn (Diarios 2013),  Imágenes para un View-Master (narrative anthology 2013), Déjate …

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“The only answer is to try to feel empathy for other people, no matter who they are”

NewStatesman Amanda Palmer playing the Hitler card essay

03/06/2015 Via New Statesman: Amanda Palmer: “Playing the Hitler Card”, otherwise known as “reductio ad Hitlerum”, is the point in a discussion “where someone compares an opponent’s view to those of Adolf Hitler or the Nazi party”. Godwin’s law states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving the Nazis or Hitler approaches one.” Both Neil and …

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Justices rule for Muslim denied Abercrombie & Fitch job over headscarf

headscarf Supreme Court ruling

Via Mashable: The Supreme Court has sided with a Muslim woman who did not get hired after she showed up to a job interview with clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch wearing a head scarf. The justices said Monday that employers generally have to accommodate job applicants and employees with religious needs if the employer at least has an idea that …

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Brands that encourage civic engagement


Pablo de la Vega and Lesly Veliz discuss how brands encourage civic engagement.  Pablo de la Vega - Philosopher and professorPablo de la Vega - Philosopher and professor With a degree in Literature and Philosphy, he has worked for more than four years as a consultant in philosophical and ethical topics. He works as a university professor, giving courses about ethics, literature …

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Did Richard Prince earn $100,000 off YOUR Instagram photo?

gagosian-GVVH-Richard Prince-Instagram

Via Happy Place: Appropriation will always be part of art. But there’s a difference between sampling a song and building on it, for example, and just straight-up taking an entire piece without permission. Especially when it’s from individuals. Who, in some cases, are trying to make a living off art-based careers of their own. But that’s what Totally Great And …

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Minneapolis Police Officer Sprays Child at Protest

Dyvonte Clinton boy sprayed during Minneapolis protest

Via Copblock.org: On Wednesday May 13th activists took to the streets of Minneapolis to protest the decision of of a Wisconsin police department who has decided not to press any charges in the highly questionable killing of Tony Robinson by police. Even though there were no reports of aggression and the protest was peaceful, a police officer sprayed a chemical irritant …

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“This could literally be yesterday in Baltimore or Georgia in 1965”

police brutality tyler shields historical fiction

Tyler Shields photographs a role reversal, recreations, in Historical Fiction, a show that will open on May 16 at Andrew Weiss Gallery (in Santa Monica, California). There he hangs, just feet above the water. The white, hooded figure whose body is limp and lifeless resembles a uniformed member of the Klu Klux Klan. As he hangs, a black man securely …

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