Weekly topic: Brand Presence a…

Weekly topic: Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

EthicalBrands.com concludes the series on brands at Christmas by discussing the presence of brands in 2… Read More
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2015: A Grey Year for Guatemal…

2015: A Grey Year for Guatemalan Brands

Elizabeth Rojas critizises the conservative strategies of many brands and exhorts them to build a more emot… Read More
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Face to Face:Brand Presence an…

Face to Face:Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

Luis Fernando Alejos and Zully de la Roca conclude the series on brands by discussing brand presence an… Read More
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Michael Moore we are all muslim sign

16/12/2015 By Michael Moore Today I went & stood in front of Trump Tower & held a sign until the police came. Then I went home & wrote Donald a letter. Here it is: Dear Donald Trump: You may remember (you do, after all, have a “perfect memory!”), that we met back in November of 1998 in the green room …

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Artist transforms thrift store paintings by adding pop-culture icons

Dave Pollot art Bender thift store paintings

25/11/2015 Via Mashable: One artist is helping us all look at thrift store paintings in a totally different light, with all new possibilities. Dave Pollot describes himself as “a software engineer who spends his nights with a beer in one hand and paintbrush in the other.” With the help of some oil paints and a bit of ingenuity, Pollot gives …

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Do you lead people or robots?

Dilbert my life is a ball of nothing

By Bob Chapman, published on LinkedIn/Pulse: 11/08/2015 The most important thing a leader can do is listen to people inside the business. Talking with those on the front lines to understand the impact of our leadership initiatives is one of the most important ways I spend my time. Some time ago, I sat down with a group of machinists at …

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Is It Hurting My Career To Skip Happy Hour With My Coworkers?

no happy hour lack of interest

06/06/2015 Via Fast Company: Of all of the office rituals, blowing off steam with a few beers after hours is likely the most beloved for many people. But not parents of young children—when they are already sacrificing quality time by working long hours, missing bedtime is a big deal. Psychologist Art Markman helps a reader figure out a tricky work/life …

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Huge Risks That Everyone Needs To Take (At Least Once)

taking risks photograph

By Jeff Haden, originally published on LinkedIn. What is the one thing most of us already have enough of? Regret. Worse, someday most of us will look back and think, “What if I had only done that … or said that … or actually tried that?” Like Mark Twain said, “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than …

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Business Proposal: 4 Reasons To Look At Marriage Like A Contract

vintage wedding photo in black and white

Repost via Salary Shark: If marriage is viewed as a business deal, might it be easier to fully examine your relationship and its potential? Love is a tricky and complicated business, so it should be treated like one. Here are my reasons why marriage should be seen as a business deal: Marriage Is A Merger Essentially, when considering marriage, you …

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5 Things Successful People Do to End Their Days Right

productivity man working alone in an office

Via Inc.com: Business may be 24-7 and your tech may never get tired, but human beings are cyclical animals. Our creativity and energy levels wax and wane throughout the day, week, and year. When it comes to productivity, you can take a couple of approaches to this reality. Some would-be superheroes simply try to power through the low points through …

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