Weekly topic: Brand Presence a…

Weekly topic: Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

EthicalBrands.com concludes the series on brands at Christmas by discussing the presence of brands in 2… Read More
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2015: A Grey Year for Guatemal…

2015: A Grey Year for Guatemalan Brands

Elizabeth Rojas critizises the conservative strategies of many brands and exhorts them to build a more emot… Read More
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Face to Face:Brand Presence an…

Face to Face:Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

Luis Fernando Alejos and Zully de la Roca conclude the series on brands by discussing brand presence an… Read More
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Why are colleges cancelling screenings of ‘American Sniper’?

sunset University of Cincinnati on a September evening by Rob Amend

“In a mature environment, humans often opt—often without much fore- or afterthought—to simply shake off acts of political correctness or incorrectness. But while today’s college campus is many things, mature it is not. This in itself is a special sort of problem, especially from the standpoint of those who believe that infantilization has set in and America’s teens and twentysomethings …

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Brands and the market for the intangible


Luis Fernando Alejos and Lesly Véliz talk about the importance of and ethics behind brand building. Luis Fernando Alejos - Web Presence Manager at The PurposeLuis Fernando Alejos - Web Presence Manager at The Purpose Guatemalan writer, artist, and communicator with a diverse professional trajectory that includes journalism, interactive marketing, editing, and editorial production. Responsible for more than 700 articles on entertainment, health, technology, …

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Lucasfilm responds to 7-year-old boy who wants to be a Jedi and get married

Colin Gilpatric reading Lucasfilm letter saying he can be a Jedi and get married

“George Lucas is so nice!”. Seven-year-old Colin Gilpatric is so very endearing when he finds the answer that he has yearned for. (Via The Daily Dot) “There’s no fandom like a child’s fandom, so this video of a young boy freaking out over Star Wars is especially great. Seven-year-old Colin Gilpatric is conflicted. He wants to be a Jedi knight, to walk …

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Billy Joel supports “Take a Stand for Elephants”

silouette of singer and musician Billy Joel

Via MediaPost: In September 2013, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) launched the 96 Elephants campaign to raise awareness and support the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) “Partnership to Save Africa’s Elephants” to stop the killing, trafficking, and demand of these animals. Now, the WCS is enlisting singer Billy Joel under its newest outreach effort, titled “Take A Stand for Elephants” that runs …

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Higher wages could kill off dollar menus, says Burger King co-founder

Burger King Drive Through Menu Breakfast and Lunch. Pics by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube Burger King Menu March 2014

Via Time: Burger King co-founder David Edgerton says fast food workers pushing for higher wages could spell the end of the “dollar menu,” and usher in an era of higher-quality, more expensive convenience restaurants. Edgerton, 87, spoke to TIME on Wednesday as fast-food workers around the world staged protests and strikes—some at Burger King locations—as a part of the “Fight for …

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Reputation and Congruency

Cara a Cara

Luis Enrique Solórzano and Lorena Flores talk about the importance of reputation and congruency that must be present in ethical endeavors. Luis Enrique Solórzano - CEO at The PurposeLuis Enrique Solórzano - CEO at The Purpose Curious at Megatrends for a better world. 30+ Yrs.in family businesses environments but corporate demands and goals developed the strengths necessary at the current …

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The price of shame: Monica Lewinsky’s heartfelt TED talk

Monica Lewinsky

In 1998, says Monica Lewinsky, “I was Patient Zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously.” Today, the kind of online public shaming she went through has become a constant. In a brave talk, she takes a look at our “culture of humiliation,” in which online shame equals dollar signs — and demands a different way.

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Rolling Stone and UVA: The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism Report

Failure in journalism Rolling Stone Rape on Campus article

This doesn’t happen everyday, but Rolling Stone decided to come forward and acknowledge serious failures in reporting, for its story ‘A Rape on Campus’: A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Last November, we published a story, ‘A Rape on Campus’ [RS 1223], that centered around a University of Virginia student’s horrifying account of her alleged gang rape at a campus fraternity house. Within days, …

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Authenticity in the market and its relation with ethics


Carolina Castellanos and Luis Enrique Solórzano discuss the benefits that authentic brands enjoy and how this affects their ethic. Carolina Castellanos - Executive Director at AmChamCarolina Castellanos - Executive Director at AmCham During her years of experience, Carolina Castellanos has developed professionally on Bertel de Centroamérica S.A., Ministry of Culture and Sports, Burson-Marsteller and the American Chamber of Commerce in Guatemala (AmCham), among others. …

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