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The splendour of small actions


Javier Payeras talks about when brands believe themselves to be above right and wrong.


Javier PayerasNarrator, poet and writer

Javier PayerasNarrator, poet and writer

Has published Slogan para una bala expansiva (Poemas, 2015), Fondo para Disco de John Zorn (Diarios 2013),  Imágenes para un View-Master(narrative anthology 2013), Déjate Caer  (poetry, 2012), Limbo (novel 2011),La Resignación y la Asfixia (poetry 2011), Post-its de luz sucia (poetry 2009), Días Amarillos (novel 2009), Lecturas Menores (essay 2007), Afuera (novel 2006, second edition 2013), Ruido de Fondo (novel 2003, second edition 2007), Soledadbrother (2003, second edition 2011, third edition 2012, theater adaption by Luis Carlos Pineda and Josué Sotomayor 2013), (...) y otros relatos breves (short stories 2000, second edition 2012), Raktas (first edition 2000, second edition 2013). He wrote the anthology Microfé: Poesía Guatemalteca Contemporánea (2012). His work has been included in diverse magazines and anthologies in Latin America, Europe, and United States. He currently writes at www.javierpayeras.blogspot.com and in the Siglo 21 op-ed “El Intruso” in Guatemala.

The splendour of small actions

To pick up the plastic container that someone dropped on the sidewalk. To stop and give right of way to the lady that, quite frightened, drove right into the middle of the intersection. Staying quiet for a long time while our child tells us about the classmate that was expelled for bullying. To purchase the young poet’s new book instead of asking him to give it to us free of charge. To search for a Guatemalan movie at the box office in order to improve its winnings.

To quit being envious of our neighbor’s garden. Complementing our life partner. To prepare a cup of coffee for someone else, instead of ourselves. Turning our cellphone off during family dinner. Making an effort to arrive five minutes prior to a meeting. To give up our bus seat without doing so out of pressure. To be more of an aid than a hindrance every day.

Giving up our place in line to a senior citizen or any disabled person that doesn’t have the fortitude to withstand its hell. To let someone else shine without asking for any type of credit. To strive for a few hours of mindfulness each day. Letting ourselves be soaking wet while sharing our umbrella. To abandon our bitterness militancy, present in every conversation. Being considerate with those that are making an effort to enact change, and being radical with corrupt and inept people. To try to make up our own opinion, instead of letting the majority’s demagoguery to fuel it. Shedding light on our brain before insulting or applauding.

To gain courage through examples and our own actions. Reasoning through justice, not vengeance. To walk the path of righteousness even if it’s the hardest and more lonesome.

Because stupidity, mediocrity, corruption, impunity, selfishness, cockiness, populism, superficiality, arrogance, crime and nepotism are alive and well in Guatemala. Because it is the splendor of simple actions is what can turn the cogs of actual change. Because an obsolete system can’t be changed through conformity and indifference.

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