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Weekly topic: Brand Presence and Reflection at Year End

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Underneath the Christmas Tree


Luis Fernando Alejos talks about brands at Christmas and whether they can be sales or a bond with the consumer.


Luis Fernando AlejosWeb Presence Manager at The Purpose

Luis Fernando AlejosWeb Presence Manager at The Purpose

Guatemalan writer, artist, and communicator with a diverse professional trajectory that includes journalism, interactive marketing, editing, and editorial production. Responsible for more than 700 articles on entertainment, health, technology, culture, social commentary, and corporate events in print and digital publications.


Underneath the Christmas Tree

“I know what it’s like to be disappointed.” Vinnie, a charming mobster in the movie My Blue Heaven, tells a sad Christmas story. While his story is temporarily interrupted by guys with guns, the story is this: when he was eight years old his favorite uncle (Alfresco) promised him a bike as a gift for Christmas. What a surprise when little Vinnie runs to the tree on Christmas morning to find his favorite uncle dead, with a bullet hole in his neck, and on top of that… “no bike.”

You have to be careful when you make promises. The bonds that we can make or break, depending on the results of the offers we make, are huge. Advertisers, brands, and ad agencies do a lot in order to reach or surpass their year-end goals. What is the most important thing? Cement their brand in the minds of their objective public? Align the sales goals with advertising strategies.

This guide from Shopify shoes us that in this time of year the majority of people are not buying for themselves. “It’s something obvious, but the amount of businesses that forget this is surprising. To buyers, November and December become months to buy gifts. So the majority of online stores need to change their focus on potential buyers, considering that it’s not them they’re shopping for but their friends and family.”

It would seem, then, that we become holographic shoppers. We interpret others’ wants d translate them into speculation at the moment we buy them. Sales must also not necessarily adjust themselves to a specific time period; for example, this HP ad (a co-branding effort adjusted for the recent release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie) can easily be described as atemporary since it works as much for Valentine’s Day as it does for any occasion that merits the purchase of an HP laptop.

Let’s promise each other then to not die trying. To not promise in vain to think like consumers, or desperately as advertisers for brands. The year has twelve months and it would be a little ridiculous to try to cram an excessive amount of sales into November and December when all markets are saturated. But not all ad agencies will want to remind their clients of this, although they should.

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